October 15th-21st 2017 Poster Below!


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That's right poutine lovers, Poutine Palooza is back for the second year! Restaurants have had a whole year to prepare and are ready to present to you, their very BEST poutine!

Who will have bragging rights for the best poutine in the Columbia Valley? Come find out at Poutine Palooza, where restaurants will go head to head, in the reigning championship competition for best tasting poutine in town. From October 15th to October 21st poutine lovers will visit local restaurants to try featured poutine and will fill out a voting ballet.  On October 21st there will be a real live Palooza! You will sample all of the participating poutines and you will vote again! Poutine will also be judged by panel of judges!



The 2017 Poutine Palooza Winners!!!

The poutine battle was on at the sold out for a 2nd year event on October 21st 2017...Poutine Palooza! Competition was strong and votes were close! Elements at Copper Point Resort won the crowd over for Peoples Choice, Diners Choice and Poutine of the Year! A&W Invermere returned strong and won over the judges hearts and bellies with the Judges Choice award! Thank you to Horsethief Creek Pub & Eatery, Bears Paw and Grill, Rocky River Grill, From Scratch and the Station Pub for your curdtastic participation in the 2017 Poutine Palooza!! What a great week and wow was that a fun party!! otters rocked the night and Taynton Bay and Arrowhead served up the finest drinks in town! Thanks to all the ticket holders and restaurant diners! See you all next year, the battle continues! #curdistheword

 "Its time for a PALOOZA!"

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 21st!!

This event will be taking place at the new Columbia Valley Centre.

Doors will open at 6pm!

Cash bar with Taynton Bay Spirits and Arrowhead Beer!

Get your tickets EARLY! Don't wait too long, this was a sold out event last year!!!

Tickets are $20 and are only required for the Palooza on October 21st! Scroll to the bottom of this page to purchase tickets online!!

Participating Restaurants:  

Rocky River Grill, The Station Pub, From Scratch, Elements, A&W, Horsethief Creek Pub and Bear Paw& Grill


OTTERS will be rocking

the house at



Next to poutine, OTTERS music is the next best thing ! This local band from Invermere plays rock and roll like you have never heard before! This band of four has an amazing, unique sound and it is something you will have to experience for yourself! Otters will have you entertained all night.

When you click below to purchase tickets, be prepared to have a whole new outlook on life. With the combination of incredibly rad music and of course the BEST poutine in town, this is sure to be the party of the year!!

OTTERS will playing live at Poutine Palooza for those that have a good taste in poutine and have a good taste in rock and roll music! October 21st!

OTTERS will playing live at Poutine Palooza for those that have a good taste in poutine and have a good taste in rock and roll music! October 21st!

Meet your 2017 " CURTASTIC" panel of judges for the October 21st Poutine Palooza! Which participating restaurant will win over the judges hearts and bellies for this years Judges Choice Award?! Elements took this title last year, who will take it this year?!